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Super High School Level Apathy


i’m so pumped! after a long dry spell i finally got those last few followers i needed to get me to 413! being 413 followers this is of course going to be homestuck themed. i’ve been planing this giveaway for quite some time so i hope you’re as excited as me oh gosh. alright so 


  • the Waste of Space god tier hood pictured above. AKA the hood that hussie wears in his god tier when he beats up doc scratch with a broom. you know the one. this one
  • you can use it as a nice warm hood in winter, a mystical thinking cap for when you’re trying to write or draw the death of beloved characters, or for like actual hussie cosplay. i personally use it for all of the above. i have worn the hood small handful of times but it’s still in perfect condition and smells like the fabric store and everything. mmm the sweet smell of microfleece. this baby is seriously soft as “god pajamas” should be.
  • what else am i giving away?
  • OTP BRACELETS OOOOH. basically if you have an otp ot3 ot4 or just a single favorite troll/kid/colour, i can make a bracelet in their colours! i can also make them so instead of stripes, they have a zodiac symbol several times! mix match the colours however you frickin want i have a lot of string so there are lots of options
  • if you win you can ask for 3 bracelets and keep them for yourself, give them to friends, tie them to your horns to scream to the world of what you ship whatever you want


  • there is only one winner
  • it’s for my followers but you don’t have to follow me it’s not a big deal but i would of course be happy if you did. 
  • however if you DO follow me and win you’ll get some some doodles and stuff and maybe an extra bracelet uwu
  • reblog and like as many times as you want. be freeeee (just be polite to your followers)
  • please be in the continental US unless you want to pay for shipping 
  • i’m going to try and end this on the 18th of Augustish but the time will be questionable seeing as i will have a guest over for the month and i may not be able to end the giveaway right on time.
  • have your askboxes open so i can contact you
  • no giveaway blogs or inactive blogs. i will check
  • when i draw the winner i will send you an ask or 4 and make a post with you tagged in it. if you don’t respond in like 3 days i’ll move onto the next person.
  • uuuuh dont’ remove any of this info. i’m certain i’m forgetting something else but oh well


  • for updates in information and my other giveaway you can track the #ondy giveaway tag
  • i cant make the bracelets till after you win or else how am i to know what ships you want me to base them off of? keeping this in mind it may take me a little longer to ship because i  have to make them. this should be less than a week extra
  • if you want one of the bracelets no matter what i sell them for $5-12 depending on complexity. just drop me an ask if you want one.
  • if you’re following me and you win then you can tell me your favorite mspa character and i’ll make a sketch page or 2 of them uwu

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