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Super High School Level Apathy
askmiddleschoolsouda sent: Dear future me, I weep because of my eyebrows. But I have hope I'll achieve them sharp and slender. Like yours. Love, you from the past


Ah-.. past … me ??
…………….as weird as this conversation is’s also kinda cool so uh..

Not everyone’s born with a devilish scowl and brows t’match, alright, so if you wanna show those shithead bullies what’s what, you’ll take my advice.

…..Trade secret between you an’ me.


The only two tools you’ll ever need for this job….


Go fierce or stay home. That’s all there is to it.


check out this cute nerd

"Is that you… Obito?"

ダンガンロンパlog ネタバレ有り


why does tumblr always personify introversion as a tiny cute girl who drinks tea reads books and wears sweaters like i’m a 190 pound man who hangs out in the gym and in the woods doin manly shit but people still make me nervous like damn